We envision the diverse communities of the Klamath Basin working together to restore our watershed resources to their historic abundance and function so that our children and their children will have the opportunity to live here with sustainable livelihoods.




The mission of the Mid Klamath Watershed Council is to collaboratively plan and implement watershed restoration, coordinate education on land management issues, and promote community vitality by operating a community center and creating sustainable local economic opportunities.



  1. Increase awareness and understanding of Klamath River issues, locally and nationally, through education.
  2. Identify and facilitate restoration of the natural and cultural resources of the Mid Klamath watershed, including aquatic, riparian and upslope conditions.                                                
  3. Facilitate coordinated involvement in regional land management amongst diverse stakeholders.
  4. Promote community stability by encouraging cultural and economic activities that further the sustained productivity of our watershed resources.
  5. Provide community fire safety.